Mined Diamonds Can Never Be Ethically Sourced.

Tell me honestly does the picture above look like a good thing for the environment? This is an aerial image of the Diavik Diamond mine. The mined diamonds, taken from the ground even when faceted and made into diamonds certified by the gem laboratory such as the GIA and IGI. It can never be called “ethically sourced”. An ethically sourced diamond is a lie. While we put significant effort as a diamond industry to make sure the diamonds available to the market, do not come from conflict zones or otherwise unstable regions of the globe. The only real way to know that’s the diamonds are completely free of any environmental, political or ethical impact is to obtain a Lab Grown diamond. It is made above ground in a controlled environment using electricity with 0 environmental impact. Lab-grown diamonds carry perfect shape and form and are grown under strict gemological control. This produces stunning quality results in the diamonds, which carry high colour, clarity perfect shape, excellent polish, symmetry and no fluorescence. A diamond is nothing more than crystallized carbon, it does not carry locality identification by default. The localities for mostly all gem-quality mined diamonds we use in engagement rings are Russia, Africa and Canada. Realistically there is no feasible way to identify which area of the globe the diamond has originated at. The Canadian diamond certification and tracking system are broken. If you’re interested I can tell you why, in detail, when we meet. So while as the industry has its efforts in making sure the diamonds are ethically sourced, there is no getting away from the fact...


In this post, I wanted to identify key snippets of information on what makes Lab-Grown Diamonds special I would be really happy to meet or talk to you my potential customer on the phone and explain these further. My office is located conveniently, just outside of Nordstrom in downtown Vancouver. It’s a very short read, but also an important one if you are indeed considering a Lab Grown Diamond. Lab-Grown Diamond is just Diamond No Mining. No Carbon Footprint. No Cartel Pricing. No Middlemen. No Conflicts Funded. No Land Displacement. No Wildlife Displacement. No Animals Harmed. No Ground Water Polluted. No Local Communities Displaced. Real Our diamonds originate in America’s beautiful Pacific West. They never leave gemmologist control from the moment the rough diamond is grown, to the cut and polished finished gemstone. “[They] are real diamonds. They have the same optical, chemical, thermal, and physical features.” Matthew Hall, Director, Gemological Institute of America (GIA). “[Manmade] diamonds are diamonds.” Federal Trade Commission, August 2018. “Mined diamonds are a gift of nature whereas man-made diamonds are a gift of human wisdom.” Shanghai Diamond Exchange’s President Qiang Lin. Each unique Each diamond forms in its own way, with the same one-of-a-kind inclusions and unique growth patterns. No two diamonds of ours are alike. Each is unique to the core. Our diamonds are certified with their unique gemological ID. World positive Lab-Grown Diamonds are created aboveground without the vast environmental & social impact of mining. In production, solar technology is utilized to recreate the way in which diamonds form in nature. Creating Lab-Grown diamonds even takes less energy than extracting them from...

Jager LeCoultre white gold 18k reverso in Vancouver, review

In this video I have a privilege to review the true classic 1931 tribute limited to 200 watches. This watch has center seconds which is quite rare for this model. Check out the video below. JAEGER LECOULTRE REVERSO SPECIAL EDITION SWISS MADE,” and with the JLC 1000-hour master control stamp. The reverse side features a solid case-back for personalization, and the interior is engine turned in Vancouver. This Jaeger-LeCoultre Grande Reverso 1931 Seconde Centrale Q381357J has a mechanical manual winding Jaeger-LeCoultre caliber 966A movement that’s rhodium-plated movement. 28 jewels, 194 components, a straight-line lever escapement, a monometallic balance, a shock absorber mechanism, and a self-compensating flat balance spring. The mechanism oscillates at a frequency of 28,800 vph (4...

Top 10 tips and tricks on how to find a perfect diamond engagement ring.

If you’re planning on purchasing a shiny and sparkling diamond ring 💍. You are in the market for an item that is readily available but, completely scarce when it comes to better quality and great price. Below are the suggestions of the what you need to do to make sure you have a beautiful and stunning diamond ring your lady is happy with. 1) Before you jump into purchasing a diamond take a bit of time to research and understand the value of diamonds. Do you see the diamond with the same specs being offered at 8,000 in a jewellery store and $5,000 online? Maybe you even see the same specs of the diamond and the price is $3,000. Well as with everything in life if the deal is too good to be true it is. Three diamonds can look similar on the paper gem certificate but the cheapest one can have ugly inclusions, brownish, greenish or greyish overtones, and hazy and dull appearance. 2) Importantly does your jeweller offer trade in/trade up warranty? ( does) this means that the jeweller will buy back the diamond at the same price you bought it for. Or trade up for a better bigger diamond. This means that the jeweller that sold you the diamond has to think about potentially reselling same diamond down the road when you possibly decide to upgrade it. This ensures that the diamond exchanging hands cannot be sub-par, or the jeweller runs a real risk of it being stuck in the inventory. No one wants the unsellable product, especially jewellery stores. So if your diamond purveyor does...

My online diamond engagement ring shopping experience.

Recently, I have sold a beautiful pear shape diamond and had made an awesome halo diamond ring to accommodate the center diamond. It was a 3-month journey that I have embarked on with my client. Before finding Pure Diamond, however, my client had purchased a diamond from the online only retailer. This was a very fragmented experience, to say the least. I have pleaded with my client and she was amazing enough to document her ordeal and share the experience of purchasing diamond engagement ring through an online only retailer. Its a wonderfully written article that anyone looking for a diamond engagement ring should read. “It’s a carat for every year he waits to ask – with a three carat minimum.” I have been living by that mantra since I was 16 and started dreaming about my own proposal. There was something about that number. It sounded so perfect to me. Plus, three carats is a big diamond. It is also an expensive diamond. So, when my boyfriend Carter* and I started seriously talking engagement we also had to start seriously talking about the budget. We came to an agreed amount of $30,000. I have a lot more time on my hands than Carter* and had been researching diamonds for a long time before he decided he wanted to pop the question. We decided as a couple that I would find the diamond for the ring. I decided what I thought was the best route for my diamond – or rather the best bang for the buck – was to find one from an online retailer. They don’t have...

The best way to buy a diamond engagement ring.

What is the best way to buy a diamond engagement ring? The easy answer is: there is no perfect way. All avenues that you can choose as you embark on the journey to find the diamond engagement ring will mean that you have arrived at the final destination. The ring is in your pocket, and you are standing in front of possibly one of the most important decisions of your life, fully armed, well equipped and ready to go. Ready to kneel down on one knee you have visualized this moment, you have either came up with the most elaborate proposal or on the contrary, kept things simple, but none the less have it will be your style and the moment which you and her, will remember for the rest of your life. Now you have a ton of things to worry about. What will you say? What will she say? Where will you pop the question? Will there be onlookers? Will it rain, snow, too windy or too sunny? What about the pictures? The proposal is obviously such a social media moment. The pictures and its quality are paramount. Should you hire a professional photographer to capture the moment, or will the iPhone camera will do just fine? The one thing you can do is to put the diamond engagement ring question to rest. You were smart, you bought a diamond from a reputable source with great reviews, from a person that has shown you many gems. You have looked at different certified diamonds and now understand the 4Cs color, clarity, cut and carat weight. But also you...

You have no idea whether your Diamond is Canadian.

You have purchased a ring set with a gorgeous diamond. The paperwork for the diamond had stated that the diamond is Canadian. This is great… The gem is of Canadian origin, it had spent billions of years in North West Territories. Discovered somewhere down the line between now and 1991, cut, manufactured, certified and branded and finally set in the ring you see in front of you. How do you really know that the diamond you have purchased is Canadian? The Canadian diamond brand has a real problem of the identity. It’s remarkable really but today we have a number of Brands and certificates out there in the retail environment all promising that the diamond you are purchasing is indeed Canadian. The marketplace had figured out to give consumers a shiny piece of paper with the symbols of Maple Leaf, serial numbers grades and measurements. Colour, clarity cut and value descriptions yet it simply forgot to give a piece of mind and a trackable sustainable solution to the Canadian Diamond brand. I wanted to explain certain points about Canadian diamond certification that you as a consumer might not immediately grasp. For the diamond to be CANADIAN, it needs to be TRACEABLE. Which means there needs to be paper or digital trace that follows the rough diamond from the point of extraction to the cutting facility to the sorters table, all the way through to the gemological laboratory and the wholesaler’s office. Even all the way until you find yourself in front of a retailer and the last 20 inches where he or she will pass you the ring, appraisal,...

4 Cs + additional 3Cs of diamonds explained (INFOGRAPHIC)

We want to continue producing handy infographics that you can easily access both on your phone and the computer. Understanding 4Cs of diamonds is paramount if you want to get a high-quality sparkler while spending a reasonable amount of money. When you shop for diamonds and happen to be on a budget, and let’s face it everyone has some sort of a budget. You need to decide for yourself how much of that budget you want to allocate to “shopping experience.” Do you like the lights, the sales people and the over the top decor of a typical jewellery store? Well, be prepared, as much as a third of your hard earned dollars and possibly even more will now go towards “shopping experience.” You will sponsor the lights and or the salaries, leases, and variety of expenses of the store paid. How does paying for retail experience helps your significant other wear a stunning diamond? To counter that you might want to say that big stores are big because they have been at it for a while and big jewellery stores have massive buying power, and therefore you, can negotiate and get a great deal. Nothing could be further from reality. The big jewellery stores are big because they have made BIG profit margins for a long time! In other words, the big jewellery stores found so many suckers they could bullshit to they have grown to immense proportions. These dinosaurs are now either going bankrupt or they invest heavily in search ads and social media. Either way you as a consumer pay for it all. So why not...


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