DIAMOND CUTTING PROCESS Of all the diamonds that are found, only half are “gem” quality. The other half are used as industrial diamond. Diamond cutters turn those 50% of gem quality rough stones into sparkling diamonds., a job that obviously requires a lot of professional skill and precision. Every little slip or mistake can turn out to be a quite expensive one. With tools we have today, it is possible to polish diamonds more and more precisely. But the process of cutting diamonds is still based on 4 techniques, used one after the other, that have been known for a long time: Cleaving, sawing, bruting and polishing. The very first step consists of studying a rough diamond in great detail which is a task for a rough diamond specialist and a marker. He looks at rough stones and determines how the stone can be cut at its best. He takes into consideration the structure of the stone and its impurities that are still in it. He chooses, for example, to make two little stones out of one big one, It is very important that he cuts a diamond in such a way that there is as little lost as possible. Eventually, the rough diamond specialist literally marks the diamond. CLEAVING The first and the oldest form of diamond cutting is called cleaving. Up until Dark Ages, this was the only technique. The Indians, Greeks and Romans used the to stud their crowns with (nearly) rough diamonds. In spite of that they knew the principal aid to cutting diamond was … diamond! Cleaving gives the diamond its first shape. All...


This handy little infographic will help you select a perfect certified diamond.  We feel its useful and helpful to display and share information about diamonds in a simple way. We are here make your diamond search a little bit easier....

Why Pure Diamond will always be cheaper than Cosco and sell better diamonds

Conventional shopping for a diamond ring can become annoying rather quickly. When and if you listen to the FM radio in your car, how many commercials do you hear? Once you step outside, there are tons of billboards and bus stop ads all showing seemingly the same diamond ring in different positional variations. Graphics, ads on buses, TV… The “BUY” our diamond ring in the most glamorous jewellery store message is everywhere. Surprisingly a lot of folks end up buying diamonds, not in the big bright and beautiful jewellery store but rather choose an entirely different route. People gravitate towards buying diamonds in the same place they will buy diapers and baby wipes after the wedding. Why does it seem perfect to purchase a diamond ring where most buy their milk and detergent? Cosco doesn’t promote diamonds per se. But when they do, they fail rather miserably. I think they should not even attempt it! If you read the story in the link, you will see that Cosco is in the middle of a giant lawsuit with no other then the most famous engagement ring purveyor, Tiffany. Cosco in their naive ignorance had mistakenly advertised they were selling “Tiffany Style” engagement rings. Which in my view is fair game because there is no “Tiffany Style”. Everyone makes the form, its straightforward and clean. Just because Tiffany were the first ones to produce simple and clean diamond ring designs, does not give them the moral right to own the designs. It will be interesting what the lawyers will argue as the Tiffany vs Cosco is going to trial. More often...

The EGL diamond certificate scam.

Have you bought a diamond certified by the EGL? You got screwed! Go ahead look on in the drawer, take out the certificate for the diamond you have received along with an appraisal and the receipt. Does it look anything like this? Below are certificates from EGL Israel and EGL Honk Kong. Well if this paper looks familiar, unfortunately, you got screwed! Big time… Read on and find out more. Buying a diamond engagement ring represents a magical time in one’s life. There are so many amazing and exciting emotions that go into the decision to purchase a gemstone. I regularly tell my clients that I am in the “happy business”. I really do believe that. I absolutely love the process of helping my clients in finding the best diamond and a stunning engagement ring. I never sell EGL certified diamonds without warning my customers the EGL certificate does not mean anything! The EGL certified diamond to me is as good as a gem that does not have any certification at all. The EGL certification scam is one aspect of the diamond industry that disturbs me. It is time someone spoke frankly and openly about the disgrace that has been going on for way too long. Every professional diamond dealer and jeweller is in the know, about EGL and its practices but yet no one is going on the record. EGL diamond certificate is a scam. Plain and straightforward. It exploits the simple human desire to believe information conveyed on a piece of paper, black on white. EGL certificate only looks like an official document. It certainly has all...

How to speak engagement

  Engagement ring shopping is a daunting task. Not only did it take you a sizable amount of time and effort to actually arrive to a decision that you wanted to propose and that is scary and challenging in and of itself. Now that you’re ready in that special moment of your life the jewellery stores are going to make it difficult and very confusing to select the diamond ring. The more confusion they cause the more you trust the jewellery store clerk, and you run the risk of overpaying or even worse, getting the ring that is sub par. If you’re working with any budget why not try and maximise it by getting the most amazing diamond ring? Engagement ring is nothing more than a tool that will help you get a certain answer to a certain question. When you’re after this tool, just like any other tools you need to know what a great tool looks like. The great news is there are really no right or wrong answers here. All answers are correct. Use this infographic and you will know a lot about a diamond engagement rings and best part is you don’t need to spend years in the jewellery industry or be an experienced diamond wholesaler. Just download our Ring Infographic,  that we have carefully created. Save it on your phone and here you go, you will have an instant access to all the relevant and important information about the diamond engagement ring. Here is the what you will find in the info graphic. Handy PDF includes. Anatomy of the ring. From head to the shank. Easy to read...

Engraved and Hammered Rose Gold Wedding Bands for Him and for Her.

Wedding band is something you will wear everyday.  Pure Diamond loves to make comfortable to wear original and modern looking wedding bands. Below are 18K rose gold wedding bands, engraved , petite and delicate is obviously hers, the rugged, diamond gypsy set, wedding band is for him. The guys wedding band features hammered and diamond burr finished, scratched look.  When looking for a wedding band for her make sure you really know the size of the ring you are after. There is nothing more uncomfortable then wearing the best wedding band that just does not fit. Rings can always be resized, its harder when there are diamonds all around the ring or if there are engraving features. Get the size right the first time. the wedding band should not be thicker or bigger then the engagement ring. You should not overpower the most important ring she wears. Don’t be afraid to look through Pinterest. They have a picture of every wedding band ever made.  ...

Don’t buy jewellery or diamonds in the store. Watch the video.

Well giving the best diamond engagement ring is important, but please don’t go the jewellery store. A typical jewellery store can not afford not to make the huge margin to pay for their vast expenses and will not sell you a great quality diamond for a price comparable with the prices online diamond wholesalers. Surprisingly this next fits the diamond business model, and unfortunately this is what most diamond jewellery store owners look like.  The video is sad and it is about car business. Substitute CAR for the DIAMOND and it is frightening. You get screwed exactly the same when buying a diamond from a typical jewellery...

Say I Do With a Diamond Ring, Girls Perspective.

Vancouver Diamond Engagement Ring. We have invited a guest blogger. Jane Steven,     We asked and were very lucky to receive girls perspective on a diamond ring… Say I Do With a Diamond Ring Diamond Rings have become a most important part of engagements for the reason that nothing seems better than a beautiful diamond ring to sign the commitment of spending the rest of your life with your loved one. Men gift a ring to the women especially on the occasion of engagement or while proposing as it tells their intention to marry the woman who is love of their life and with whom they want to share the rest of their lives. The glistening diamond engagement ring keeps telling your loved one that soon you two will be together to walk the road of love happily. The tradition of slipping a diamond ring in the finger of the lady with the intention to marry her is not new, but people are practicing it from quite some time. The conviction of signaling the commitment to be in an eternal relationship with a precious diamond ring started with the Italians. According to Italians the diamonds were actually born from ‘flames of love’ so they spoke to the obligations of everlasting love hence, a diamond ring is a sign of love which shows a woman that how desperately his man wants her. A diamond engagement ring might have started from Italy but now in almost all western countries like America, Mexico and especially in Canada it has become a traditional image of the guarantee of marriage. It is likewise...

Bring your design ideas and lets make perfect engagement ring in Vancouver.

Very recently we completed a very interesting ring for our client. The process was a lot of fun and I wanted to show this story in pictures. We started with some images that were pulled from Etsy, Google and Pinterest. The rings all had combination of design features that our client liked but none  were perfect or a complete package. We had to put it together. The Verragio architectural design was something we wanted. But in our opinion they have overdone it on the side diamonds, which took away a lot from the overall simplicity and elegancy sought after in an engagement ring.     The centre stone we were working with was a gorgeous Light Pink Sapphire.  The top of the ring that inspired my client was the ring on this picture. We however wanted the diamond Halo to be more pronounced visible and striking.     We decided to combine the two best features of the designs together to make this striking engagement ring… We started with 3D renders, of the future ring. This always helps clients visualize and understand the look of the engagement ring.  The most successful custom engagement ring designs always start with digital images, which always come free from Pure Diamond. Below are the 3D renders.   And here are the final pictures of a 18K rose gold, engagement ring with a Light Pink sapphire and diamonds set on the sides , shoulders and arranged in the halo pattern around the centre stone.   We love designing new and interesting engagement rings. Bring your design ideas and make your ring truly memorable....


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