Don’t buy jewellery or diamonds in the store. Watch the video.

Well giving the best diamond engagement ring is important, but please don’t go the jewellery store. A typical jewellery store can not afford not to make the huge margin to pay for their vast expenses and will not sell you a great quality diamond for a price comparable with the prices online diamond wholesalers. Surprisingly this next fits the diamond business model, and unfortunately this is what most diamond jewellery store owners look like.  The video is sad and it is about car business. Substitute CAR for the DIAMOND and it is frightening. You get screwed exactly the same when buying a diamond from a typical jewellery...

Say I Do With a Diamond Ring, Girls Perspective.

Vancouver Diamond Engagement Ring. We have invited a guest blogger. Jane Steven,     We asked and were very lucky to receive girls perspective on a diamond ring… Say I Do With a Diamond Ring Diamond Rings have become a most important part of engagements for the reason that nothing seems better than a beautiful diamond ring to sign the commitment of spending the rest of your life with your loved one. Men gift a ring to the women especially on the occasion of engagement or while proposing as it tells their intention to marry the woman who is love of their life and with whom they want to share the rest of their lives. The glistening diamond engagement ring keeps telling your loved one that soon you two will be together to walk the road of love happily. The tradition of slipping a diamond ring in the finger of the lady with the intention to marry her is not new, but people are practicing it from quite some time. The conviction of signaling the commitment to be in an eternal relationship with a precious diamond ring started with the Italians. According to Italians the diamonds were actually born from ‘flames of love’ so they spoke to the obligations of everlasting love hence, a diamond ring is a sign of love which shows a woman that how desperately his man wants her. A diamond engagement ring might have started from Italy but now in almost all western countries like America, Mexico and especially in Canada it has become a traditional image of the guarantee of marriage. It is likewise...

Bring your design ideas and lets make perfect engagement ring in Vancouver.

Very recently we completed a very interesting ring for our client. The process was a lot of fun and I wanted to show this story in pictures. We started with some images that were pulled from Etsy, Google and Pinterest. The rings all had combination of design features that our client liked but none  were perfect or a complete package. We had to put it together. The Verragio architectural design was something we wanted. But in our opinion they have overdone it on the side diamonds, which took away a lot from the overall simplicity and elegancy sought after in an engagement ring.     The centre stone we were working with was a gorgeous Light Pink Sapphire.  The top of the ring that inspired my client was the ring on this picture. We however wanted the diamond Halo to be more pronounced visible and striking.     We decided to combine the two best features of the designs together to make this striking engagement ring… We started with 3D renders, of the future ring. This always helps clients visualize and understand the look of the engagement ring.  The most successful custom engagement ring designs always start with digital images, which always come free from Pure Diamond. Below are the 3D renders.   And here are the final pictures of a 18K rose gold, engagement ring with a Light Pink sapphire and diamonds set on the sides , shoulders and arranged in the halo pattern around the centre stone.   We love designing new and interesting engagement rings. Bring your design ideas and make your ring truly memorable.... always delivers best engagement rings in Vancouver. Pictures inside.

Were here to make it as easy and as informative as possible to get best engagement rings in Vancouver. Every diamond comes with detailed GIA , AGS or IGI certificate. Every diamond ring comes with the box and the appraisal with full description of course that you can use for the insurance purposes.  Here the link to this a gorgeous double halo ring that was made by our friends at True Romance Bridal and is available on our website. The attached pictures are what the final product looked liked. The happy bride is the last picture. We are very happy for the newly engaged couple. Congratulations!!!      ...

Never buy diamonds in the jewellery store.

Here is why you should never buy Diamonds in the jewellery store. The more I meet couples that are searching for the ultimate diamond ring within their budget, the more I hear about the jewellery stores being this place that they didn’t enjoy visiting. In fact couples that see me always argue that the prices were not attractive. The sales people pressure was immense and the quality of engagement rings they were offering was not great. More often then not the message will be somewhere along the lines of ‘Oh,we got all this pressure from sales people in the jewellery store and their prices are vastly different from online pricing’. Recently I have even seen a structural damage that was affecting a brand new ring bought from a major engagement ring retailer in the Van city,  I won’t mention their name but they have a very annoying series of commercials on the radio. The alloys used on the engagement ring were sub par and the rings gold, cracked. At this point I must defend the jewellery store. It has a ton of expenses !!!  I will not get into the rents and leases because that’s private information and is not readily available.  But simple logic tells me the more extravagant and spacious the store is,  probably the more expensive it costs to operate. Now let’s look at the salary question,  because Jewellery Store works with potentially highly valued pieces and and some point all Jewellery Stores have been or can expect to get robed,  they gave to hire well and pay over the average salary.  That salary has to be attractive...

Why Apple will make a Diamond Engagement Ring?

Everyone knows that Apple is the most valuable company in history,  it continues to produce amazing gadgets that people love.  It defines the category and it brings out new and exciting products seemingly just in time for us to want one. There is no secret that Jony Ive is extremely talented and has huge following as the head designer and lead  visionary behind Apple products. Isaac Walterson in bestselling Steve Jobs biography writes. “Steve Jobs left designer Jony Ive more power than anyone at Apple” But one thing that not alot of people realise is that Jony Ive is actually a trained silversmith. Now that’s essentially a jeweler.  Some would say silver while it is a precious metal is softer then gold,  easier to work on and therefore goldsmith is a ‘real’ jeweler. I think personally that’s up for a debate. Having worked with both metals I think that silver is easier to work on but GOLD is also more forgiving. You can make mistakes forming a good ring and they are comparatively easier to fix in gold. The most important part of working with silver is the fact that it is relatively cheap ($20 an ounce) and plentiful. You can make and actually are encouraged to make mistakes.  As a silversmith you can let your imagination run wild.  With the file, some burrs and a polishing wheel you can either succeed in whatever it is you’re making or fail miserably and it won’t matter. Silver is a jeweler apprentice play dough. Gold is not so forgiving anytime you cast it (bring it to the molten state)  you loose...

How to find the best Diamond Engagement Ring, 3 Easy Steps.

  Vancouver BC The whole idea of this post is to say, you have a  phone with amazingly fast LTE connection.  Use it to find yourself the best deal on engagement ring! I’m asking myself how can I help the reader buy the most engagement ring for the budget. I have seen a lot of people in this position and after a certain time I believe I can summarise. Here are my 3 most important things to know when finding engagement ring. 0. I want to say that getting the diamond that will out sparkle all other diamonds in the room is the priority. You’re almost like a diamond miner when embarking on the search of the best possible ring. The ultimate test however is, does your girlfriend or wife diamond looks brighter, shinier than all the other diamonds at the party in the room at any given time? Even if its smaller? Does it sparkle the most? Does it draw attention? I dont want to add more pressure on you. But as far as I see a guy has 2 options, either you hide the fact that you’re buying a diamond ring or you’re getting the ring out in the open. Where by your girlfriend knows that you’re getting a ring and had an input on what she will be wearing. I think that the second option is better (safer) because the positive result is guaranteed. Shopping for diamond engagement ring is a stressful experience. You will be rewarded in the end and in my view. The challenging way to go about  is to figure out everything by yourself....

How to buy Engagement Ring in the jewelry store.

Vancouver BC., As I’m sitting here enjoying the last few hours of this Saturday 14th of February, the Valentine’s Day. I have thought about the many hundreds of thousands of people that have gotten engaged today. Many dinners, nervous men, creative and fairly ordinary proposal ideas. This day made many people around the globe happy. For all the classic typical negative trains of thought that say that “Valentines” is another holiday created by the corporations to push their product, I want to say that possibly no other day is better for proposals and getting engaged… I am in the business of making people happy, I make engagement rings. I’m in diamonds, ring manufacturing and sales , I enjoy tremendously finding quality diamonds for the engagement rings. But I am a rare breed. I operate the website and don’t have a traditional, big, bright brick and mortar jewellery store with showcases and sales personal. I understand that many of the diamond engagement ring customers would rather go to the traditional jewellery store to buy. Heck when you spend so much money the least you can do is make sure you see the item you’re purchasing. My advice for anyone shopping for a diamond in a jewellery store that is not part of the jewellery chain store family, such as Mappins, Ben Moss or Peoples is to always HAGGLE! This is what a jewellery convention in JCK Las Vegas looks like (THE ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL DIAMOND AND JEWELLER TRADE SHOW) What does it look like to you? Yes, you guessed it a giant well lit, shiny, jewellery store for the jewellery stores. The...

How to buy awesome looking Diamonds every time. Just follow these simple steps.

How to buy an amazing looking diamond, practical guide. Diamonds are unique and beautiful… Hmm,  No they are not,  at least if you’re a guy. They are extremely overpriced pieces of crystallized carbon. That the society pushes you to buy before you propose,  Christmas,  Valentines,  Mothers Day and most likely if you find yourself reading this article you are looking for a diamond and are ready to invest a substantial amount into a diamond.  All I can tell you is…   Wait there is still time!  You can make a run for it!  I will not judge you.  You can always give her the engagement ring you find on Etsy  or Ebay!  It will be a synthetic sapphire,  but it will be from you so that’s all that matters! If you’re still reading this then you are serious about getting a quality diamond. And if you do decide to buy a diamond you might as well get a good one right? Here I did the full description of the Major North American labs and the summary of their services. One thing to know, is always buy diamonds that were certified by the GIA. But just because the diamond is certified by the GIA it doesnt make that gemstone perfect. The key is you need to know how to read a GIA certificate in order to understand how to buy a perfect diamond everytime. GIA is the most recognized diamond certificate which you can find on jewellery the market.  “The hallmark of integrity” as, their tagline goes.  The information contained in the certificate is really quite simple.  I mean if the best to respected...

Pure Diamond Announces Launch Bringing Shoppers Immaculately Designed Diamond Rings at Amazing Prices

Vancouver, BC based Pure Diamond recently announced their grand opening connecting diamond wholesalers, top jewelry designers and shoppers together delivering diamond rings at an unbelievable value, in a win/win for all concerned.  Customers have responded with quick passionate feedback. January 23, 2015 While a diamond ring is certainly an elegant, important and meaningful gift it shouldn’t have to be one that’s excessively expensive.  Vancouver, BC, Canada based Pure Diamond is a recently launched website that’s motivated by just this philosophy.  Pure Diamond specializes in offering amazing diamond rings, of the highest quality at unbelievable prices, far lower than any other major site offering comparable quality jewelry.  The company is able to deliver these great prices through bringing together top diamond wholesalers, with award winning jewelry designers with the aim of delivering the highest value possible.  Shoppers have greeted the new site with enthusiasm. “We are very excited to bring great value and amazing service as well education to our customers,” commented the owner of Pure Diamond.   “We want to make the diamond and engagement ring experience to be fun and informative, with the result being a magnificent diamond ring.” According to the company, they are very happy to offer the latest designs from jewelery experts and goldsmiths based in New York,  Los Angeles and Vancouver.  The styles cover any taste a shopper is likely to have from classical, to modern, all the way to vintage handmade.  All diamond rings are not only offered at the lowest price possible to deliver true value, but also with the utmost care spent on quality of design and manufacture so they can...


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