Our Price Match Promise Guarantee

We are ready to match or beat prices on items offered by our competitors.  All you need to do is supply us with the link to the item on our website and the link to the alternative offer, with all relevant details.

To request a price match, please fill out our price match form and submit it or send us an email directly.  We will review your request and provide you with a response shortly after.

Please familiarize yourself with Price Match Request conditions:

  1.  Your request must be submitted prior to the purchase.
  2.  The two items must feature identical characteristics (quality, size, condition, etc.).
  3.  Numbers engraved on loose diamonds must match the numbers indicated in the accompanying certificates.
  4.  The competitor’s offer must match our offer in full (ex.: stone and ring setting).
  5.  The price offered by the competitor must be valid at the time of the purchase.
  6.  Competitor’s shipping charges will be included in the price comparison.
  7. We retain the right to refuse any Price Match Request.


PUREDIAMOND.CA offers complimentary shipping on all jewelry shipped in the CANADA or the U.S. via FedEx® Priority Overnight.

You'll take comfort in knowing precisely what day your order will arrive. If you wish, you can also follow every step it takes along the way with detailed order tracking.

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30 Day Return Policy

The purchase of a diamond can be one of the most difficult decisions you'll ever have to make. That's why purediamond.ca gives you 30 days to return your diamond for a full refund or exchange without charging a restocking fee. No questions asked! If for any reason you want to return your diamond, you've got thirty full days to decide. This 30-day return policy is for the center diamond only, not side stones, three-stone rings or mountings. The center diamond must be in excellent condition, free from breakage and chipping, and be accompanied by certification documents.

If certification documents are lost or you are not able to provide them, $200 will be deducted from your return amount to cover recertification of the diamond. *In order to give our customers the best pricing, we do not allow comparison purchasing. Comparison purchasing is the act of ordering two or more of the same, or similar item, and then only keeping one of them. If you are unsure, or have detailed questions about a particular item, please call one of our customer service representatives for expert help. *Our 30-day return policy applies to purchases up to $29,000

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