Conflict Free Diamonds

A “conflict diamond”, or a “blood diamond”, is a term used to refer to the stones mined in zones ridden with violence.  Sales of these diamonds go to benefit belligerent parties and their agendas while the general population commonly suffers the consequences of these conflicts.

Pure Diamond strictly controls the process through which we source our inventory.  We purchase diamonds from manufacturers and suppliers whose business practices and policies ensure that they never deal in conflict diamonds.  When choosing to acquire a diamond from us our customers can rest assured in the knowledge that their purchase is not implicated in the financing of armed conflicts and has no negative impact on the welfare of a nation.

Over the last two decades, different nations around the world have been making a concerted effort to prevent selling and buying of conflict diamonds.  Eventually, following a collaborative initiative that brought together governments, non-governmental agencies, and diamond industry representatives, the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme was introduced as a process aimed at eliminating “conflict diamonds” from being a part of the legitimate diamond trade.  Our company is determined to source its diamonds only from the suppliers complying with the procedures outlined in this scheme and verified so by a certificate.

Many people don’t realize that diamond sales can bring substantial positive changes to the regions and countries where this mineral occurs.  Without forgetting that diamonds continue to be used to finance military insurgencies, we should appreciate the fact that this natural resource can contribute to the health of national economies, in particular, those of African states.  Revenues from diamond sales have been used to extend health care coverage to greater numbers of people, fund the battle against HIV/AIDS scourging Africa, provide comprehensive schooling, and support orphaned children.



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30 Day Return Policy

The purchase of a diamond can be one of the most difficult decisions you'll ever have to make. That's why gives you 30 days to return your diamond for a full refund or exchange without charging a restocking fee. No questions asked! If for any reason you want to return your diamond, you've got thirty full days to decide. This 30-day return policy is for the center diamond only, not side stones, three-stone rings or mountings. The center diamond must be in excellent condition, free from breakage and chipping, and be accompanied by certification documents.

If certification documents are lost or you are not able to provide them, $200 will be deducted from your return amount to cover recertification of the diamond. *In order to give our customers the best pricing, we do not allow comparison purchasing. Comparison purchasing is the act of ordering two or more of the same, or similar item, and then only keeping one of them. If you are unsure, or have detailed questions about a particular item, please call one of our customer service representatives for expert help. *Our 30-day return policy applies to purchases up to $29,000

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