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Kelly K

                    Fraser Valley, BC


    • My experience with Pure Diamond was amazing! Alex took the time to explain the whole process. He took the time to show us different stones and how they would look in certain settings. Dealing with Alex was also nice because I didn’t feel like I was talking to a salesmen trying to get me to purchase an overpriced piece of jewelry from a store, I felt like I was being educated on diamonds (very interesting) and that his main agenda was to have us leaving with the best quality ring in our budget!  After dealing with Alex I actually feel sorry for people who purchase there engagement rings from Jewlery stores. Do yourself a favour and check him out!

      • Matt R.
      • Vancouver, BC


      I had an amazing experience with pure diamond, I was walked through the buying process and had everything explained, so that i could properly understand what i was purchasing. Alex, was awesome, and was very attentive and followed up during and after my purchase of the engagement ring to make sure i was happy, This was the reason i came back to him for the wedding band, which i was also very happy with. This was the easiest process for a very complex situation, that i could imagine. I will recommend pure diamond to anyone i can in the future. VERY PLEASED!!!


    • Jacquie B.
    • Vancouver, BC


    After shopping around for an engagement ring for at least 3 months, I came across Pure Diamond’s website. After my first meeting with Alexi, I just new this was the place to get the ring.  He was so professional and took his time to go through all the options and explained in detail everything I needed to know about the diamonds and the rings.  There was no pressure at all from Alexi.  Second meeting, we purchased the ring and it’s really a dream come true.  I can honestly say, his prices are by far the best in town (way less then a jewelry store) and I look forward to going back to have the wedding bands made by him.  FANTASTIC EXPERIENCE, highly recommend purchasing from Pure Diamond. Thanks Alexi :-)

    • Chris S.
    • Vancouver, BC


    Pure Diamond was fantastic! Alex was extremely helpful and was able get me an amazing engagement ring within my limited (student) budget. He patiently walked me through the entire process, and was able to work with me to get a spectacular product. I have to admit, having shopped around at a few other typical jewellers, I was surprised at the ‘no frills’ office space that he had (especially juxtaposed to such an polished website), but without a shadow of a doubt he was able to offer the best value for money (cost savings from the low-overhead go into the products…not the storefront). Alex was very knowledgable, personable and attentive, I would definitely recommend any of my friends to make pure diamond your first stop.

    • Andrew J.
    • Vancouver, BC


    I had a custom three stone engagement ring in mind and Alex was very helpful in guiding me through the entire process.  Even though it must have been a busy time of the year for him (December), he spent a lot of time getting the details right and delivered on time.  The engagement was a surprise so I didn’t have the ring size right but after my partner became my fiance, he resized the ring right away while we waited.  I would recommend him to my friends for their diamond needs!

    • Alex K.
    • Vancouver, BC


    Honestly, I made this account just to leave this review for these guys. Established and very professional business. I was able to get my girlfriend the diamond earrings for christmas that she wanted  and they were a lot cheaper than the others… like Siba Jewelers and Spence Diamonds (haha) were three hundred more. I got the official G.I.A. Certificate for both of the diamonds, and after an in-depth phone call followed by a very straight to the point and quite informative meeting with the owner, I actually was able to understand exactly what type of diamond, and how many karats… etc. I was looking for in my budget. Easiest purchase I’ve ever made, and I did not regret spending the money afterwards like I usually do. Girlfriend is very pleased. I’ll definitely be back for the engagement ring.


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30 Day Return Policy

The purchase of a diamond can be one of the most difficult decisions you'll ever have to make. That's why gives you 30 days to return your diamond for a full refund or exchange without charging a restocking fee. No questions asked! If for any reason you want to return your diamond, you've got thirty full days to decide. This 30-day return policy is for the center diamond only, not side stones, three-stone rings or mountings. The center diamond must be in excellent condition, free from breakage and chipping, and be accompanied by certification documents.

If certification documents are lost or you are not able to provide them, $200 will be deducted from your return amount to cover recertification of the diamond. *In order to give our customers the best pricing, we do not allow comparison purchasing. Comparison purchasing is the act of ordering two or more of the same, or similar item, and then only keeping one of them. If you are unsure, or have detailed questions about a particular item, please call one of our customer service representatives for expert help. *Our 30-day return policy applies to purchases up to $29,000

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