You have no idea whether your Diamond is Canadian.


You have purchased a ring set with a gorgeous diamond. The paperwork for the diamond had stated that the diamond is Canadian. This is great… The gem is of Canadian origin, it had spent billions of years in North West Territories. Discovered somewhere down the line between now and 1991, cut, manufactured, certified and branded and finally set in the ring you see in front of you. How do you really know that the diamond you have purchased is Canadian?

The Canadian diamond brand has a real problem of the identity. It’s remarkable really but today we have a number of Brands and certificates out there in the retail environment all promising that the diamond you are purchasing is indeed Canadian. The marketplace had figured out to give consumers a shiny piece of paper with the symbols of Maple Leaf, serial numbers grades and measurements. Colour, clarity cut and value descriptions yet it simply forgot to give a piece of mind and a trackable sustainable solution to the Canadian Diamond brand.

I wanted to explain certain points about Canadian diamond certification that you as a consumer might not immediately grasp.

For the diamond to be CANADIAN, it needs to be TRACEABLE. Which means there needs to be paper or digital trace that follows the rough diamond from the point of extraction to the cutting facility to the sorters table, all the way through to the gemological laboratory and the wholesaler’s office. Even all the way until you find yourself in front of a retailer and the last 20 inches where he or she will pass you the ring, appraisal, diamond certificate and all appropriate Canadian Diamond documentation. All across the board, the diamonds origin can and must be traceable. You Must be able to track your diamond to the time, date and place of its extraction from the ground. The original weight of the rough diamond must also be listed.

Here is what a traceable Canadian diamond information looks like.

You as a consumer have to understand that if the diamond has Canadian origin paperwork and is even laser inscribed with the maple leaf and serial number, this does not make the diamond of Canadian origin.

Let me say this again. Laser inscription and branded certificate alone is not sufficient enough information for the diamond to be called Canadian.

Currently, on the market, there are 3 real ways for the diamond to have certified Canadian origin.

1) All diamonds sold with the claim that they are Canadian MUST have a logo of “Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct”, visible on the certificates.

I have attached the copies of certificates for my stones and you can clearly see the red square with Canadian Code of Conduct logo.

Do you have that on the certificate you are given? If not the stone is NOT Canadian.

2) The purveyor of the diamond must be listed as a member of Canadian Code of Conduct. Has their brand registered through the organization. All paperwork in terms of the locality and diamond origin is kept manually by the purveyor. This system was proven on multiple occasions to have problems. Essentially you have a diamond and an unsubstantiated piece of beautiful paper that follows the stone and claims it’s Canadian origin. The fact that the stone is not traceable makes it cheaper but also should make a consumer less confident about the true origin of the diamond.

3) The Canadian code of conduct branded certificate remains and important factor but the fact that the diamond can be TRACED directly to the mine of the origin as well as the original rough weight and date and location of the mine extraction listed, makes these diamonds traceable true Canadian and therefore more expensive.

Here is the web page where you can trace the diamonds.

Results for the Canadian Diamond. Results for the Canadian Diamond.



Canadian Diamond Certificate Canadian Diamond Certificate
Canadian Diamond Certificate Canadian Diamond Certificate

These diamonds are also certified by the GIA and Pure Diamond can sell it to you at the quoted prices.

The links could be found here $5500 $5800

Here are the numbers for the GIA certified diamonds I am currently selling, you can trace these diamonds at the above web page to see when the original rough diamond was mined and when it was manufactured into the faceted gemstone.

In simple terms of you are OK with just the piece of paper confirming the Canadian origin of your diamond its ok.

But if you would like your diamond to have a certified and traceable Canadian origin, you will have the piece of mind.


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