The best way to buy a diamond engagement ring.


What is the best way to buy a diamond engagement ring? The easy answer is: there is no perfect way. All avenues that you can choose as you embark on the journey to find the diamond engagement ring will mean that you have arrived at the final destination. The ring is in your pocket, and you are standing in front of possibly one of the most important decisions of your life, fully armed, well equipped and ready to go. Ready to kneel down on one knee you have visualized this moment, you have either came up with the most elaborate proposal or on the contrary, kept things simple, but none the less have it will be your style and the moment which you and her, will remember for the rest of your life.

Now you have a ton of things to worry about. What will you say? What will she say? Where will you pop the question? Will there be onlookers? Will it rain, snow, too windy or too sunny? What about the pictures? The proposal is obviously such a social media moment. The pictures and its quality are paramount. Should you hire a professional photographer to capture the moment, or will the iPhone camera will do just fine?

The one thing you can do is to put the diamond engagement ring question to rest. You were smart, you bought a diamond from a reputable source with great reviews, from a person that has shown you many gems. You have looked at different certified diamonds and now understand the 4Cs color, clarity, cut and carat weight. But also you know the additional 3Cs, certification, cost and credibility.

This is just a small snapshot of the potential questions you might be faced with when getting ready to pop the question. However, you know the one thing you can take care of early and feel confident about? The ring… Oh yes, the ring, “…My precious…”

You as a diamond engagement ring buyer have a chance to get the ring design early and have it set with the diamond you like. It is not hard. Selecting, a diamond engagement ring is easy.

There are a few things you should know. Once you are done with reading this blog post, you will be very well prepared to get an awesome ring, and importantly not over pay in the retail environment.

I think the best way to think about this is to visualize the process through the recent example. I have worked with a client: D.

D. was in a market for an engagement ring, he like most of my clients has gone to a few jewellery stores, shopped around and felt he was not getting the best product for his money. He felt the retail sales pressure. He saw almost immediately that getting a subpar mass manufactured ring set with the first diamond sold by the commission incentivised staff, might not be the best way to go about getting a perfect diamond ring.


D. had to take had given a thought and being a smart millennial that he is, the next shopping stop was online. D. browsed diamond engagement ring purveyor sites, of which there are many. James Allen, and the Blue Nile, only to list a few most well known. The prices and the selection were very attractive. The reviews of the sites are typically high. However, there were a few problems.

Proposal in Disney Land

Proposal in Disney Land

The biggest problem is, you are spending thousands of dollars without seeing the diamond and a final engagement ring.

It is entirely acceptable wich I have recently done, to spend $200 online on “cream and cookies” inspired Nike running shoes having seen only the rendered image.
But several thousand dollars on a ring you have not seen? That is a gamble.

Next stop for my dear client was the local online stores backed by the “Wholesale to the Public idea” There are plenty of diamond wholesalers in Vancouver. So much so that when one goes to the all mighty oracle the google for the “engagement ring Vancouver” search inquiry, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Everyone is pitching the cheapest and the best diamond idea. The price is a huge factor however there comes a certain point where the lower price just gets you a diamond that might be low quality. The price of diamonds is very transparent today. The internet had removed a veil of secrecy. All you have to do is to figure out the shape and the carat weight of the diamond you would like and just browse the Blue Nile to see the pricing. Typically your neighborhood “Diamond Wholesaler” gets his diamonds at a price either equal or slightly below that of the Blue Nile. In other words is you see a 1.00 carat diamond priced at $6000 the online market place is making about 4% of you, while the diamond wholesaler at least 10% or higher.

My client D. found me. Pure Diamond is not the biggest or the brightest or the longest standing diamond wholesaler in Vancouver. I started wholesaling diamonds to the public in 2014. The difference is that out of competing wholesalers; I resemble the jewellery store the least. I do not have showcases, filled with stock and there is no pressure to buy.

As a Canadian certified gemologist and a member of British Gemological Association, I devote my time to show my clients the most expensive part of the diamond engagement ring in great detail: The Diamond.

My dear customer D. had emailed me about an appointment. We arranged the time and date, and I have prepared a relevant collection of diamonds spanning from low to high end of his budget spectrum.

But we didn’t just cover the diamonds from the price perspective. I am always happy to display diamonds and explain the 4Cs of gems while also showing each gem characteristic and displaying the slight differences in diamonds and how they affect the price. The meetings that I hold are always fun and very informative. Its an educational session with the only goal, get to know your diamond and see what you are spending the money on.

So what did we do?

1) We looked at the overall size of the diamond determining that the range of 1.05 carat – 1.30 carat 6.45mm – 7.00 mm as the most acceptable.

2) We dissected the colours, of diamonds comparing six diamonds. From most concentrated yellow hues of J-K colors compared one to one under the Northern Calibrated lamp to the near colorless G-H-I, and completely colour free D-E-F. Essentially we had all the stones laid out in the white piece of paper shaped somewhat similar to a boat. We compared the diamonds and found yellow in some and absence of colour in others. We found a perfectly white DEF colour range for diamonds, as being the most pleasing to the eye.

3) Next came the cut. Diamond cut is quite difficult to quantify using gemological tools. One needs a bit of training. I always provide all the necessary training, using ideal scope and hearts and arrows loupe. I never sell diamonds which are below at least a Very Good cut grade, las the diamond in my view is nothing more than a set of mirrors and it needs to reflect, refract, disperse and scintillate the visible light to the absolute best ability limited only by the original cut quality.

We looked at the cut of diamonds together with D. we used the ideal scope and looked for Hearts and Arrows effect as well as for any light leakage displayed by the diamonds. After a short hands-on tutorial, D. was a pro, and we were able to arrive at the EXCELLENT cut as the absolute must feature for our diamond.

4) Next came the clarity or the freedom of the diamond from eye visible imperfections and blemishes that otherwise plaque low quality cheap “jewellery store special 70% off” diamonds. The problem was that while selecting an excellent cut, top colour E, and an oversize 1.05+ carat diamond, we have steadily increased the price for the overall diamond along with it. This is how the 4Cs of the diamonds work, the higher the specs of the diamond, the higher the 5 C (the cost) will get.

We had to make a bit of the sacrifice because even at the wholesale level the price for the diamond was getting higher.

High or low, whatever budget you might have you can either rely on my expertise, with diamond rings. You can also come in and learn a maximum amount on gemstones; I’m happy to provide you with this information and what it takes to help you be an amateur gemologist. Alternatively, you can find the many designs for diamond rings, on my site or elsewhere. Email me the picture of the ring you want, your budget and the desired diamond shape. I put my reputation on the line every time I make a custom diamond ring. Because of this I do not cut corners or sell the subpar product. Meet or don’t meet me and put an online engagement ring order, you can rest assured that when it comes to the big day and the proposal, you will have a stunning diamond engagement ring in your pocket.


For more pictures of this beautiful proposal in Disney Land and to see more amazing pictures by Elle Baez please visit the


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