Top 10 tips and tricks on how to find a perfect diamond engagement ring.


If you’re planning on purchasing a shiny and sparkling diamond ring 💍. You are in the market for an item that is readily available but, completely scarce when it comes to better quality and great price. Below are the suggestions of the what you need to do to make sure you have a beautiful and stunning diamond ring your lady is happy with.

1) Before you jump into purchasing a diamond take a bit of time to research and understand the value of diamonds. Do you see the diamond with the same specs being offered at 8,000 in a jewellery store and $5,000 online? Maybe you even see the same specs of the diamond and the price is $3,000. Well as with everything in life if the deal is too good to be true it is. Three diamonds can look similar on the paper gem certificate but the cheapest one can have ugly inclusions, brownish, greenish or greyish overtones, and hazy and dull appearance.

2) Importantly does your jeweller offer trade in/trade up warranty? ( does) this means that the jeweller will buy back the diamond at the same price you bought it for. Or trade up for a better bigger diamond.
This means that the jeweller that sold you the diamond has to think about potentially reselling same diamond down the road when you possibly decide to upgrade it. This ensures that the diamond exchanging hands cannot be sub-par, or the jeweller runs a real risk of it being stuck in the inventory. No one wants the unsellable product, especially jewellery stores. So if your diamond purveyor does not offer an upgrade policy this simply means that they would rather not see this diamond ever again.

3) Never buy a diamond based on Certificate alone. GIA, IGI or AGS do not grade diamonds for beauty. They simply state the 4Cs. Seek out a diamond wholesaler who is a trained gemologist. The gemological diplomas should be visible and easy to read in the office. The gemologist should be able to explain in clear and concise terms, the difference in diamonds. He or she should be able to show diamonds in detail using gem equipment and emphasize as to what to look for in the diamond. The diamond certificate is a piece of paper or plastic. It does not protect you as a consumer. It does not offer a warranty or a promise that the gemstone you have purchased is, in fact, a high-quality diamond. As Albert Einstein once famously said ” If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” This means that during a meeting it should be easy and simple for you to understand and see the difference in the quality of diamonds and how it affects the price. The specs alone, as listed on the certificate have are not enough. The 4Cs (colour, clarity, cut and carat weight) have to align properly with the diamond other aspects such as (material quality, the absence of colour overtones, make and spread) It is the combination of multiple factors that in turn secure a perfect diamond.

4) To obtain a stunning diamond you either have to become a trained gemologist yourself. This usually takes about 10 years of hands-on experience of grading about 70 diamonds day or you will have to take a leap of faith with your jeweller. But before you do, know your jeweller and do some research. Find someone with at least 20+ Google reviews and take time to read them.

5) Everyone is on some sort of the budget so it’s important that you stay within the budget you have allocated towards a diamond ring. A significant ring can be purchased between $2,000 and $3,000 CDN but that is probably the starting point. Allow yourself to allocate an extra 10% towards the purchase of your diamond so that you can spend a bit extra and get a proportionally better ring. I call this extra 10%… an adrenaline allowance. Inevitably when presented with the few options at your diamond purveyor office you will be greeted the diamond that is slightly over your budget but also very appealing. Stay within that extra 10% adrenaline allowance so that you don’t overstretch yourself. Never agree with the price you are not comfortable with. Remeber there will always be other diamonds and the jeweller does want to make a sale.

6) I have seen a lot of customers that bury themselves in charts and infographics trying to learn all the aspects of diamond grading only to arrive at the fact that the best diamond might be an
F VS2 EX EX EX none GIA certified. Nothing can be further from the truth. Diamonds are like people all are slightly different. As with any other professional service, leave it to someone you trust to find you a perfect diamond.

7) Never EVER compromise on the cut of the diamond! Out of the 4Cs the sparkle and shine are provided solely by the make of the diamond. The cut is very important and should be looked at first. A Very Good cut grade should be the absolute minimum when it comes to diamond shine, dispersion brilliancy, and scintillation. If presented with two options in your budget with one diamond being smaller ideal cut and the other larger very good cut. Go for the smaller diamond as down the road you will thank yourself for choosing the diamond that sparkles the most in the room.

8) Consider selecting a different diamond shape. So anything but the round. Cushion, pear, radiant, princess or oval cut diamonds are always cheaper than the rounds, look more original in the ring and if selected properly show just as nicely as a round brilliant cut diamond. 90% of all diamonds are made to be round because this shape looks most recognizable and is easiest to sell. However, the diamond manufacturer cuts bigger, heavier diamonds if it is a different shape. So anything but round. This is why a 1.00-carat cushion cut diamond will always be cheaper than the 1.00 carat round all other aspects of the quality being equal. There are real deals to be had in diamond shapes that are not round brilliant…

9) Don’t shop retail, this is a no-brainer. The lights, showcases, fancy suits, expensive haircuts, attitude, all the inventory you see and the perceived shopping experience, is completely financed by your ring. So the fancier and the larger the store or the salesperson selling you the diamond, the smaller and worse quality diamond ends up in your ring. The relationship is correlated. Some people shop in-store because its easier and some buy the rings online attracted by competitive pricing. The best deals when it comes to quality vs price are to be had at diamond wholesaler office. Here the diamond purveyor is really invested in selling you a high-quality diamond. Smaller wholesalers buy and sell diamonds and rely on referral business, mostly. It is cheaper and more effective for a diamond wholesaler to sell best quality diamonds in your budget and advertise through referrals.

10) So if you’re ready to start looking at diamonds and want an expert gemmologist to select perfect diamonds for you to look at please do not hesitate and contact Pure Diamond to receive free, online, in person or phone consultation. Find out tips, tricks and valuable insider information on what makes diamonds stunning and how to buy one without overpaying.


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