Diamond Upgrade Promise

Pure Diamond believes in worry-free shopping. We are proud to offer a Lifetime Diamond Upgrade Promise!  Unlike traditional brick and mortar jewellery stores, you do not have to double the purchase to get your money back. All you have to pay is the difference. Trade your $3,000 PURE DIAMOND against a purchase of $3,300 and only pay the $300 difference. Here’s the best part: trade your Pure Diamond after one full year and receive an additional 5% appreciation for your diamond.

What a great investment! Your $3,000 Pure Diamond is now worth $3,150. Your Pure Diamond can only increase in value and as the Earths diamond reserves are actively depleting, buying a diamond at our prices is an investment. We love passing the savings on to you, our valued customer! Pure Diamond has without a doubt the best trade-in policy anywhere in the jewellery industry, GUARANTEED!