30 Day Return Policy

Selecting the perfect diamond is undeniably one of the most challenging choices you'll ever encounter. Recognizing the gravity of this decision, Pure Diamond offers you an expansive 30-day window for returning your diamond, completely exempt from any restocking fees – no inquiries necessary! You have a full month to make your decision, during which you can return the diamond without hesitation.

It's essential to note that this generous 30-day return policy is specifically tailored to the centre diamond in your purchase. Side stones, three-stone rings, or mountings are not covered under this policy. To qualify for a return, the centre diamond must remain in pristine condition, devoid of any breakage or chipping, and must be accompanied by its corresponding certification documents.

In the event that certification documents are misplaced or unavailable for presentation, a $200 deduction will be made from your return amount to facilitate the recertification process for the diamond.

We kindly request that our valued customers refrain from comparison purchasing, which entails acquiring two or more identical or closely resembling items with the intention of retaining only one. In our ongoing commitment to provide competitive pricing, this practice is not permitted. Should you have any uncertainties or require detailed information about a specific item, we encourage you to reach out to one of our dedicated customer service representatives for expert guidance.

Please be aware that this 30-day return policy applies to purchases with a value of up to $17,000, ensuring that you have ample time to confidently assess your investment.