Why Us

Diamond shopping can be overwhelming. Turns out, diamonds are not as rare as you may have thought – and you’ve got lots of options. Pure Diamond help you cut through the glitter and clutter – to find an engagement ring at the sweet spot of price, quality and that personal connection between you and the piece of art you are about to invest in.
Here’s how we do it:

First, we use our decade’s worth of wholesale and retail experience to help you navigate the diamond marketplace. While diamonds are not rare, great diamonds are. Only 1% of diamonds have no flaws visible to the naked eye, while the rest are average at best. Unlike retailers, we start working with wholesales to select a stone that you seek only after we meet you and develop a gameplan. This means that we have no inventory costs to pass on to you – nor do we have any stones to push onto you. It may take a few days, but we work with you until we have exactly what you are after.

Secondly, we look to science to inform your shopping journey. While most diamonds are bought and sold along the “4Cs” that you surely heard about – our resident gemmologist (that’s an actual Precious Rock Scientist) will take you far beyond these factors. You will learn (and see for yourself) how fluorescence, symmetry, depth percentage, and other factors affect the value of stones that may otherwise look fine. We won’t make a gemmologist out of you – but we’ll give you more knowledge tools than your science teacher or the retail store associate ever could.

Your Pure Diamond journey will equip you with knowledge and access point to the vast wholesale diamond market – to find the stone whose quality matches its price, and your budget. Now comes the most important part – getting that “Spike Factor” right. We work to make sure that you feel a connection with the piece you acquire. We will search until we find a stone you are truly excited about – and we will work with you to design the ring that you and that special someone will connect with. Pure Diamond works only with local West Coast goldsmiths who design customized engagement rings that will make it truly yours.
Diamond shopping can be overwhelming. We’re here to make sure that you worry only about the important stuff – like getting that “YES”.