Wholesale Diamond Price

Our goal was to give our valued customers an access to the largest live certified diamond inventory available in North America at absolutely unbeatable prices. All diamonds in our inventory have gone through stringent and dedicated hands of professional appraisers and gemologists. We select our diamonds to be most beautiful and have the best possible characteristics so that our customer can rest assured that they got the best looking diamond at their budget.

Pure Diamond stones are unique in that they have passed stringent grading criteria for cut, and for sparkle. Each Pure Diamond comes with a diamond certificate.

Wholesale Diamond Import Prices,  for a decade Pure Diamond owners have actually been suppliers, advisors and authority to more than 200 jewelry stores in Canada the United States. In 2013, we came up with a revolutionary concept that would offer the public direct access to the selection, price and quality once offered only to jewellery store owners. We travel abroad visiting various diamond districts and cutting facilities to find the absolute best deals on the best-looking diamond for our clients. Pure Diamond personal has combined  25 years of experience to hand-select every diamond that comes into our office. Please compare our diamond prices and see the difference for yourself. We will never lose a sale due to price, quality, selection, or guarantee!