How to buy an engagement ring

Find the engagement ring that is a reflection of your love and values.


Set a budget

Begin your engagement ring search by browsing our setting and diamond options and finding the price range that works best for you.

Settings and diamonds are priced separately. Use price filters when exploring our diamond inventory to stay within your budget.


Choose a diamond shape

A diamond’s shape is like its personality. Certain shapes can appear more classic and traditional, while others have a more modern look.

Consider your own personal style before choosing a diamond shape. Is your look sleek and minimalist, or bright and bold? Do you want clean, contemporary lines, or a more vintage-inspired design? Do you already have a shape that features prominently in your jewelry collection? These questions will help lead you towards the shape that’s right for you.




Understand the 4Cs

The 4Cs refer to a diamond’s cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. These four factors determine a diamond’s overall appearance and value.

Understanding the 4Cs will help you choose the right diamond for yourself. Depending on the diamond shape or ring setting, certain Cs take priority over others. 




The first C is cut, which refers to the arrangement of a diamond’s facets. Cut directly affects how light enters and exits the diamond. A higher quality cut therefore equals more brilliance and shine.



The second C is colour, which refers to the absence of colour. The closer to colourless a white diamond is, the rarer and more valuable it becomes. Because colour impacts overall appearance, most try to find a colourless or near colourless diamond for their engagement ring.




The third C is clarity, which refers to the visual purity of a diamond. It’s determined by the number of inclusions in the diamond, which occur naturally during the growth process. Flawless diamonds are rare and therefore more valuable than diamonds with slight inclusions.




The last C is carat weight, which is often confused with a diamond’s size. But depending on the shape, as well as the other Cs, certain diamonds appear larger than others of the same weight. The higher the carat weight, the more valuable a diamond becomes.



Select an engagement ring setting

The setting refers to the overall design of a ring. Consider the setting as another way of expressing your personal style, whether it's vintage-inspired or modern-yet-timeless.

Certain settings better highlight specific kinds of diamonds. For example, a Two Tone engagement ring pairs best with colourless diamonds as the platinum prongs will not imbue the centre stone with added colour. A Halo engagement ring will often make diamonds of a lighter carat weight appear larger on the finger. Consider these pairings when choosing a setting for yourself.




Where do I buy an engagement ring?

Engagement rings can be purchased in a showroom, by virtual appointment, or entirely online. Selecting rings in a showroom is the traditional way of buying an engagement ring. Today, the purchase can be made online and directly delivered to your doorstep.

For a personalized experience, the best place to purchase a ring is through a virtual appointment with our diamond experts. Because they are familiar with the process, diamond experts will help you find your setting, choose the perfect diamond, and guide you through purchase, delivery, and lifetime warranty.

Begin your engagement ring search by browsing our setting and diamond options and finding the price range that works best for you.

Settings and diamonds are priced separately. Use price filters when exploring our diamond inventory to stay within your budget.

How do I order my ring from Pure Diamond?

There are multiple ways of ordering your engagement ring or wedding bands from Pure Diamond.


Book an appointment


For personalized guidance and expert advice, we encourage you to book a appointment with our diamond experts, in-store or virtually. You’ll receive in-depth diamond education, as well as help in selecting the perfect Pure Diamond Lab Grown ( or Mined)  diamond, setting, and matching wedding band.

Book an appointment

Order your ring online

You may complete your entire purchase online. Start by selecting either your diamond or setting of choice. After you’ve finalized each detail, you’ll proceed to checkout.

Pure Diamond is proud to offer Customer Experience Support via FaceTime, telephone or Zoom and email should you need assistance while completing your purchase.


How long does it take for a ring to be made?


Engagement rings featuring diamonds sustainably created by Pure Diamond are made to order and shipped within 10 business days. Custom-designed rings may take longer; the design team will be able to give you an estimate of when your custom ring will arrive.





Choosing the metal of your engagement ring is an important decision. Your engagement is the foundation of your future together, and metal is the foundation of your engagement ring. Color, durability, care – these are the most important metal characteristics. While there are fads in jewelry metal colour, this is a decision that will endure all trends. Consider the following details and you’ll make the right decision on the perfect ring.


Platinum is a strong, durable metal choice that does not fade over time. This makes it a symbolic option for engagement rings, as it will endure with your love. A hypoallergenic material, platinum is ideal for those with sensitive skin as it does not react with other elements. Its naturally white appearance makes it a popular alternative to white gold. Unlike white gold, however, it will not need re-plating over the years.

Over time, it develops a stunning finish called a patina.

This further protects your setting.

30 times more rare than gold, platinum is a wise choice for those looking for a truly unique and timeless engagement ring. Diamonds with colour grades from D to F look particularly stunning set in platinum, complimenting their colourless quality.


Pure Diamond is proud to custom make most engagement rings in 19K white gold.

In contrast to 18K and below, 19k is 79.2% gold and is naturally white in colour. It does not need to be rhodium plated and stays white. 19k white gold compares to the elegance and colour of platinum.

Yellow gold offers a warm glow, and even white gold is a warmer white than metals like platinum or palladium. Pure gold is too soft to hold its shape in fine jewelry, so it’s alloyed with other precious metals for strength. Look for “14k” or “18k” as a fineness mark that proves the quality of your gold jewelry. Among fine metals, gold tends to be more malleable, so prongs in a gold engagement ring should be checked each year with one of the retail jewellers, or with us at Pure Diamond, as we can re-plate white gold with Rhodium to bring it back to its original whiteness.

To know what she’d prefer in an engagement ring, check the colour of the metal jewelry she wears. If you choose a yellow gold ring, the colour of the metal can make a near-colourless diamond and a colourless diamond look the same.


18k rose gold is a 75% gold and 25% copper alloy, resulting in a gorgeously warm and rich metal. Pure gold is too soft to be used in jewelry, and so the melding of metals allows for a range of colours and tones. The rosy warmth is romantic and earthy; as such, it pairs with diamonds beautifully. It is also suitable for most skin tones due to its soft appearance.


Sterling silver makes a fine choice for jewelry. While sometimes considered traditional, silver has a more modern, stylistic feel than yellow gold. Depending on the design, silver jewelry can be classic or contemporary. Since pure silver is very soft and malleable, sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver; mixed with other metals such as copper, it forms an alloy. A stunning combination of strength and beauty, sterling silver is used to create incredible pieces that you’ll love wearing. It also complements most skin tones, making it a safe purchase for those needing to mark a special occasion.