Do you offer an engagement ring upgrade program?

Elevate your experience with Pure Diamond: Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey? As a valued member of the Pure Diamond community, we extend a cordial invitation for you to participate in our exclusive lifetime engagement ring upgrade program. This exceptional opportunity is specifically designed for those who have previously embraced the elegance of lab-grown diamond engagement rings from Pure Diamond. Our unwavering dedication to bringing Your Envisioned Gem® to life is showcased through this unique program, meticulously crafted to align with your evolving desires.

Details for Eligibility:

• Only the original purchaser of the diamond ring or their significant other listed on the account is eligible to initiate the trade-in process.
• To qualify, your core lab-grown diamond must be smaller than three (3) carats, maintain its original condition, and be accompanied by the original order number and purchaser information.
• Any damage or imperfections on the original diamond will disqualify it from the diamond upgrade.
• Following a thorough assessment of your diamond, you will receive a Pure Diamond credit, up to 100% of the initial purchase value of your lab-grown diamond engagement ring.
*Please note: The credit is non-transferable and does not cover tax expenses.

How the Program Operates:

When engaging in the trade-in process of a Pure Diamond lab-grown diamond engagement ring, the full credit must be applied towards the acquisition of a new Pure Diamond lab-grown diamond engagement ring, valued at least 50% higher in total retail worth. For instance, if your original engagement ring was purchased for $10,000, the total value of your upgraded ring must be a minimum of $15,000.

*Important to remember: Upgraded engagement rings are considered final sales and are not eligible for returns.

For transactions and deliveries within Canada, we are pleased to offer complimentary (fully insured and secure) return shipping for both legs of the journey.

Through our esteemed Pure Diamond Ring Upgrade Program, we provide you with the flexibility to enhance your engagement ring, whether you're celebrating your first year together or a decade of shared happiness. If the idea of enhancing your lab-grown diamond engagement ring resonates with you, we warmly encourage you to reach out to our dedicated Client Care team. We are eagerly prepared to offer our assistance and look forward to hearing from you!